A Different Kind Of Interconnect Solutions Provider

Intelliconnect is refreshingly different to other interconnect product suppliers. We use our experience and innovative thinking to tailor our services to each individual customer. We realise that every product is unique and thus requires a unique strategy and outlook every time.

We are the supplier of choice for many of the leading American and European Defence, Medical and Marine OEMs and have a Silver SC21 certification. We also work with smaller briefs and companies.

Key Markets

We aim to serve different domains of the industry some of which are shown below

Intelliconnect’s Partnered Organisations

Hospital & Healthcare






Government Agencies


RF Interconnect Products


RF Connectors and Adaptors 

We are passionate about providing excellent service to every customer (we even have the award to prove it!) Our expert team of RF..


RF Cable and Cable Assemblies 

Whatever RF cable solution you may need, our expert team will endeavour to supply it. From low loss cable to cryogenic cable to semi-rigid,..