Intelliconnect has a long and proud history of working with global Aerospace and Defense primes and sub-contractors. Applications include Personal Locator Beacons, Radar, Radio Comms, IED detection and IFF systems. Our design group work closely with our Customers’ R&D teams to develop solutions which perfectly suit their applications and deliver rapid, cost effective, durable and reliable systems.

Case Study:

Defense - High Specification Microwave Cable and Connector System for shipborne Radar    


Our customer, a major international defense contractor, has developed a new, medium-range surveillance target designation and air traffic management radar for ships. They involved Intelliconnect from a very early stage of the development process to provide design input and interconnectivity advice.


We were asked to design, manufacture and supply a number of high reliability microwave connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies for a military radar duplexer, all connectors are of stainless steel construction and conform to the requirements of MIL-C-39012. A number of these designs were for high power and included internal sealing. 

Challenges & Solutions

Working closely with several, multi-disciplinary, engineering teams representing our customer and several sub-contractors, we were able to provide custom designs to meet the specified requirements. A total of 9 different connector designs were provided which, because of issues like physical space constraints and electrical performance budgets, would have to go through a number of iterations before the final designs were agreed.  


Once the designs were agreed, we created for prototype quantities for system testing. The customer made recommendations for some minor changes which were then introduced in the designs before the production orders were released.