Maria Wright Celebrates 20 years at Intelliconnect!

Huge congratulations to Maria Wright for reaching her 20 year anniversary with us at Intelliconnect! Our CEO, Gareth Phillips presented Maria with a stunning watch to say thank you for all her hard work over the past two decades!

Words from Gareth Phillips "I was incredibly proud to be able to award Maria her 20th Anniversary gift yesterday. As she is a proud Italian we of course had to get her an Italian designer watch. Maria was Roy Phillips's first hire for Intelliconnect Group and 20 years later she is still with us. Big grins in the picture as it was a very happy occasion and not at all based on trying to work out how to hold hands without it looking massively awkward! I have only worked with Maria for 4.5 years but she has always been a rock in the sales office and is much loved across the entire business.

Maria, I look forward to the next 20 years... or until you head off in to a well deserved retirement!"

I’m sure you will join us in congratulating Maria on such an incredible milestone. 👏