Intelliconnect is refreshingly different to other interconnect product suppliers. We use our experience and innovative thinking to tailor our services to each individual customer. We realise that every product is unique and thus requires a unique strategy and outlook every time.

We are the supplier of choice for many of the leading American and European Defence, Medical and Marine OEMs and have a Silver SC21 certification. We also work with smaller briefs and companies.

We’re reliable and efficient from start to finish. Our passionate team are personable and ready to help. We will work with you every step of the way to achieve first-class results.

You will have a quote within 24 hours and our team turns new designs around quicker than anybody else (with no design engineering charge). We manufacture our connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies almost exclusively in our UK or USA factories so you know we’re providing the best quality. We have an outstanding record of providing defect free product and our on-time delivery record is 97%.

In short, we make our customer’s lives easier by supplying only the finest product and service.

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In the early 2000s, the UK had been abandoned by the RF connector manufacturing industry. A solution quickly came in the form of Intelliconnect in 2003. The UK company joined forces with an innovative US operation a year later. Intelliconnect has grown rapidly since its inception, becoming a market leader in design-led RF components.

Intelliconnect has many top-quality products cable assembly and connector ranges. Their broad range of cable assemblies includes a variety of products from ribbon assemblies and wiring looms through to low loss cables, cryogenic cables and many more. Each is individually tested.

They also manufacture and supply a wide range of RF connectors. The Pisces range of waterproof connectors is established as the solution of choice for specifiers in the marine, oil and gas, defence and general antenna markets. The Intelliconnect triaxial components are recognised as the best quality available in the market today and the Custom Design service is the fastest available in the market today.

Intelliconnect’s latest offering, launched in 2016, is the bestselling Taurus Range. Taurus was introduced in order to expand Intelliconnect’s catalogue to include low cost, high quality industry-standard coaxial connectors and adaptors.