Encompasses Robotics, Data, Telecoms, Cellular, Test and Measurement, Telemetry and general transportation amongst a plethora of other applications.

We design, manufacture and distribute an extensive range of interconnect products to cover all eventualities.

Case Study:

Cable and Connector systems for Inclinometer for structural monitoring applications.    


Our customer, a manufacturer of wireless condition monitoring systems, has developed a new application which is a lightweight, modular inclinometer for the measurement of structural integrity in bridges, tunnels etc.  


We were asked initially, to design, a mating pair o multipin (5 pin) connectors. Suitable for harsh environment, able to be waterproof to 200m water depth, subject to 10kg loading static and up to 30kg dynamic on extraction from a bore hole. Preferred material was 316 Stainless Steel.

Challenges & Solutions

The first issue was how the connectors would mate safely and prevent mis-mating of cables. This problem was solved by designing a special keyway which would ensure correct mating. This led to a necessarily complex geometry in the body of the connector which we successfully resolved with our machining partner.

The second challenge was that the connectors had multiple potential leak paths (particularly at high pressure). 5 pins, 5 insulators, the interface, keying feature and threaded holes all had to be sealed. This was overcome with very clever application of a series of specially designed O rings.

Thirdly we had to overcome the issue of the 2 (stainless steel) connector threads galling and consequently locking together. This was overcome by changing the material of one of the bodies to a dissimilar material. (Galling is a common issue with stainless steel threads).        


Product is now a staple part of our manufacturing plant with its own manufacturing cell and dedicated manufacturing technicians.