Pisces Waterproof RF and Microwave Connectors and Adaptors 

Intelliconnect has a wide range of IP67 and IP68 waterproof / harsh environment connectors ideally suited to a vast range of applications including mil-aerospace, SCADA, marine, medical, transportation and oil and gas.

Learn more about how we have used our Pisces waterproof range in the past by reading our case studies:

Oil and Gas

Water Monitoring and Control Systems

Wearable Technology

Personal Locator Beacon

The Pisces Product Range is available in many formats including:

  • ABMS (Rugged MCX)
  • Pisces Adaptors
  • N Type
  • Push-Pull
  • TNC
  • SMA

As well as numerous types of RF/Coaxial product, we can offer high-spec multipin and electrical interconnect solutions as well as hermetically sealed product for higher pressure environments.

All products are sealed internally and are therefore waterproof when unmated.

Further Format Information 

ABMS is a special subminiature connector interface originally designed for use with cochlear implants. This series is based on MCX but with enhanced ruggedisation enabling 3000 matings.

TNC has an extensive portfolio of plugs, jacks, adaptors and cable assemblies. Because of its size, ruggedness and relative low cost it is a very popular style.

The N Type range is ultra rugged and also available in a wide range of plugs, jacks, Adaptors and cable assemblies.

SMA waterproof is a subminiature connector series which is one of our most popular due to its small size and 18Ghz+ operating capacity.