The Grand Opening of Intelliconnect's New Office in Witham, Essex

Here at Intelliconnect, growth is always on our minds, and that is why we were so delighted to recently take the next step in our business.

The grand opening of our new office in Witham, Essex, marks a significant milestone in our story, and one that paves a way for a prosperous future.

This event was not just about a new location but a testament to the collective effort of the Intelliconnect family in making our business what it is today.

The day was filled with memorable moments that reflect our ethos and vision, and we’ve written this blog to tell you a little more.

The Event Highlights

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was the highlight of the day, symbolising a new chapter for Intelliconnect.

The honour of cutting the ribbon was handed to two distinguished employees, Maria Wright and Arden Lawson, who were also celebrated for their long service awards.

Maria, a Sales Administrator, has been with Intelliconnect for an incredible 20 years, while Arden, a Production Engineer, marked his 10th year with the company.

Attendees and Atmosphere

The event saw a gathering of employees, partners, and other Trexon group company employees, all coming together to celebrate this exciting occasion.

It was heartening to see everyone, from long-time employees to new hires, mingling and sharing their experiences.

From our marketing partners, to the heads of our business, it is always a joy to gather the Intelliconnect family and enjoy this new opening.


No celebration is complete without good food, and the BBQ at the event was no exception.

A spread of delicious dishes was laid out, with something for everyone to enjoy. From sausages to salad, no expense was spared in providing great food, and the sun even made an appearance to make it all even better.

Networking and Catching Up

The event also provided ample opportunities for networking and catching up.

For many, it was a chance to rekindle old connections and forge new ones.

Employees from different departments and partner companies took this opportunity to discuss ideas, share insights, and explore potential collaborations.

With our business and partners being spread across the UK, it is rare that we often find the time to all get-together and, as mentioned above, being able to spend a day getting to know each other better was a real joy.

Keynote Speech and Company Update

A major highlight of the event was the keynote speech by Gareth Phillips, Intelliconnect's MD.

Gareth's speech contained a reflection on past achievements and an exciting glimpse into the future.

We have some great things planned here at Intelliconnect, and Gareth ran through these in detail, outlining the strategic goals and vision for the future of our company.

This included touching on the new office's role in enhancing the company's operational capabilities and its importance in the broader business strategy.

His speech also coincided with the announcement of awards and recognitions, with two employees in particular getting mentioned for their great service.

Service Awards

Maria Wright

Maria's 20-year journey with Intelliconnect has been nothing short of remarkable.

As a Sales Administrator, Maria has been a cornerstone of the company's sales operations, contributing significantly to its growth and success.

Her dedication, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues throughout her two decades of employment.

Arden Lawson

Arden Lawson, a Production Engineer, celebrated his 10th year with Intelliconnect.

 Known for his technical expertise and problem-solving skills, Arden has played a crucial role in the company's production processes.

His contributions have been instrumental in maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency.

Here’s to many more years of service and success in our new home in the coming years.

Celebrating Our New Office

The grand opening of Intelliconnect's new office in Essex was a resounding success.

The event celebrated not just a new physical space but also the collective achievements and future aspirations of our company.

The new office is poised to be a hub of innovation and excellence, driving Intelliconnect towards new heights, and we can’t wait to get settled in and get to work.