Intelliconnect launches a new cryogenics division

Intelliconnect has launched CryoCoax, a new division specialising in connectors and cable assemblies for cryogenic systems. CryoCoax cabling and connectors are used across many applications and industries, those already addressed include measurement and testing, system quantum computing, space and instrumentation.

CryoCoax provide cryogenic cable and component solutions to clients across the world, for a diverse range of applications and industries. CryoCoax products have capabilities to withstand temperatures to 2K and below. Core capabilities include: Stainless Steel, Niobium Titanium, Cupro Nickel, Beryllium Copper, NbTi, Non-Magnetic type cables and cable Assemblies to 40GHz, 2.9mm + SMA Adapters, Solderless 2.9mm and SMA Connectors, Sealed Adapters, Hermetic Connectors and Adapters, Attenuators, Low Temperature Hardware and SMP Connectors.

Roy Phillips, Managing Director of CryoCoax, comments, “CryoCoax specialises in the design and manufacture of cryogenic interconnect products. As a dedicated division of the Intelliconnect group, CryoCoax has the security of a long established and very successful connector manufacturer at its heart and is going from strength to strength, providing cryogenic solutions to some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

CryoCoax is a member of the British Cryogenics Council (BCC) and the Cryogenic Society of America allowing it to extend the market reach of its cryogenic cables and components and to participate in the rapid development of this growing field.

Phillips continues, ”We combine decades of experience in the interconnect industry with a modern, streamlined approach and we have an outstanding record for providing defect-free, high-quality cryogenic products. Our expert team of designers and engineers will work alongside customers from start to finish of a project to ensure the best possible solution is delivered.”

CryoCoax’s cryogenic cables and components work to beyond 2 K   (-271.15°C) and are ideally suited to a wide range of applications including test and measurement, instrumentation, medical and material research and cryogenic systems including dilution refrigerators, superconducting magnet systems, low temperature detector systems, infrared array systems

CryoCoax will also be exhibiting at ICEC27-ICMC 2018 in Oxford this September.