Intelliconnect Low Loss, phase stable flexible microwave cable assemblies are fabricated using Insulated Wire Inc. cables and are manufactured to some of the highest specifications available in the industry. Available in a variety of sizes and performance specs. Can be armoured internally or externally.


IW1251 – (70 GHz) (PDF 584KB)

IW1401_1403 – (52 GHz) (PDF 516KB)

IW1501_1503 – (45 GHz) (PDF 586KB)

IW1601_1603 – (32GHz) (PDF 540KB)

IW1801_1803 – (34GHz) (PDF 509KB)

IW2301_2303 – (26.5GHz) (PDF 451KB)

IW2801_2803 – (19.5GHz) (PDF 570KB)

IW4806 – (11.5GHz) (PDF 494KB)