Pisces Waterproof Connectors

The Pisces range of connectors is one of the product lines offered by Intelliconnect LTD. These connectors are designed for use in harsh environments, where reliable signal transmission is critical.

The Pisces range includes a variety of connector types, including SMA, N, TNC, and BNC, as well as custom designs. These connectors are available in a range of configurations, including straight, right-angle, and bulkhead, as well as in various cable types and lengths.

One of the key features of the Pisces range is its high level of environmental sealing. The connectors are designed to meet or exceed IP68 standards for water and dust resistance, and can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration. This makes them ideal for use in applications such as military and aerospace communications, oil and gas exploration, and medical devices.

Another feature of the Pisces range is its excellent electrical performance. The connectors are designed to provide low insertion loss, high isolation, and excellent VSWR, ensuring that signal integrity is maintained even in challenging environments.

The Pisces range also includes a number of accessories, including dust caps and strain reliefs, to ensure that the connectors remain protected and secure during use.

Overall, the Pisces range of connectors from Intelliconnect LTD is a high-quality, reliable solution for applications requiring rugged, waterproof, and high-performance connectors. With its excellent environmental sealing and electrical performance, the Pisces range is a popular choice for customers in a wide range of industries.